Moving to BetaBlogger

I'm in the process of moving my blog from Blogger to BetaBlogger and in doing so I haven't been able to transfer over my sizable blogroll.

As a result I'll have to retype them all in again from a Word document.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and the shift has allowed me to put blogs into categories (long over due!).

At present I've only managed to move around 250 blogs, but the rest should follow soon.

Hopefully I won't put blogs in the wrong categories and I apologise in advance if I do.

I hope the new format is clearer and easier to use.

I've also added links at the bottom to (what I believe are) useful work-related links.


Kieran said...

James with the categories your proving my theory that everyone will one day become a librarian! Mind you my other theory is that all academic subjects are low budget history - now I wonder what I studied!

Blogs looking good by the way.


James said...

Thanks Kieran. I think anyone who has a curious interest in categorising things has an ASD - me included!

Steve said...

I like the new look. Some of the blogs in the blogroll could have probably been left off though as they haven't been updated for a couple of years.