Decorating your desk is good for you

Last week an article appeared on the BBC News website that reported on staff at Revenue and Customs who had been asked to remove items such as family pictures from work areas, as a means to boost productivity.

On Friday a counter article appeared that suggested: 'decorating your desk is good for you - and good for your boss'.

In Your place or mine? (BBC News: Magazine) workplace psychologists Alex Haslam and Craig Knight argue that decorating your desk is good for you because this is your space and the way it's arranged says something important about who you are - both to yourself and to other people.

An interesting article that takes a brief look at how employees rarely get much say in how their workplace is designed. It also offers an enlightening social psychology of workplace identities.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like employers are getting away with a lot these days and there isn't anything that can be done about it. I found this site, Jobberwiki . It's a wiki site to research careers, and hopefully find out about these kind of issues before you take a job....maybe if it gets big enough it will keep companies honest. It's light on content, but just like wikipedia it needs the contributions of users