Managing work bloggers

HZ Zone is the latest personnel practitioner orientated website to look at work-related blogs. Not surprisingly the emphasis is on the management of people who blog about their work, as a quote from the article suggests:

Allowing employees to write an online diary may seem like a good idea, but don't be fooled. Certainly there are potential business advantages - the employer appears progressive and can publicise its corporate image to a global market within seconds – yet without strict monitoring your staff may be sharing company secrets and making libellous statements to a huge audience. The growing number of cases in which a worker has been fired for publishing inappropriate comments about their employer clearly shows that businesses are feeling the threat of bloggers that are prepared to say too much.

Consult the article (may require registration) - Protecting your business from bloggers (Sarah Fletcher) - if you want some insights on how to manage people who blog about work and what this recent trend may develop into in the future.

Cosmopolitan also has a handy article on work-related blogs this month (December). Except the emphasis is on how such blogs could be a 'guide to your dream job".

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