Survey published on employee 'passion for work'

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has just published a report on employee 'engagement'.

The main thrust of report was, "We wanted to find out how employees in the UK feel about their work and, crucially, what employers can do to raise levels of engagement."

Summarised findings include:
• three in ten employees are engaged with their work
• levels of engagement among the under-35s are significantly lower than those in older age groups
• engaged employees perform better than others, are more likely to recommend their organisation to others, take less sick leave, and are less likely to quit
• engaged employees also experience increased job satisfaction and more positive attitudes and emotions generally towards their work, suggesting that enhanced levels of engagement are of benefit to the individual as well as their employer.

The main drivers of employee engagement are:
• having opportunities to feed your views upwards
• feeling well informed about what is happening in the organisation
• thinking that your manager is committed to your organisation.

They also found that:
• women are more engaged with their work than men
• older employees are more engaged than younger employees.

The full report - How engaged are British employees? - can be downloaded here.