Is two weeks off at Christmas skiving??

An interesting article in The Guardian yesterday suggests many British workers have opted for two weeks off over the Christmas/New Year period.

For some it may not be a "choice" as a lot of school kids won't be going back to until the 8th (myself included bar a quick meeting and some stuff done in the evenings).

The article itself - The Great British Skive delays start of 2007 till January 8 (Lucy Ward, Helen Carter and Terry Macalister) - draws attention to "streets and squares in London and other city centres typically thronged with commuters remained almost deserted, while the AA reported a very quiet day on the roads."

Then, as expected, an employer organization - Federation of Small Businesses - steps in, in a Scrooge-like manner, to warn all those who've taken extended leave that "UK workers' apparent reluctance to return to the grindstone could damage the economy."

Looks like the TUC should have got in there a day early with findings that highlight how Britons put in £23 billion of unpaid overtime a year!

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