How do working conditions compare across Europe?

A new report from the European Foundation provides a comprehensive overview of the state of working conditions across 31 countries in Europe.

The survey (the fourth of its kind) concentrates on workers’ responses to a wide range of issues such as work organisation, working time, equal opportunities, training, health and well-being and job satisfaction.

The report is said to present a very valuable insight into how European workers experience and assess their working lives and working conditions.

Moreover, the five-year cycle of the survey provides an effective means of tracking the impact on working conditions of critical factors and events over a period of time.

Based on workers’ responses, it paints a broad and varied picture of the physical, intellectual and psychological dimensions of work and its impact on personal fulfilment and work-life balance.

To view the report click on the following web-link: Fourth European Working Conditions Survey (Parent-Thirion, Agnès; Fernández Macías, Enrique; Hurley, John; Vermeylen, Greet).

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