Web 2.0 users under attack

I'll be honest it took me a while before I made any significant connection between the talk about Web 2.0 - a perceived or proposed second generation of Web-based services - and blogging.

Now I'm a bit more savvy on these matters I've become a bit more alert as to how blogging fits in with wider web-based technological developments.

For instance, the BBC (Technology) recently ran an article - Web 2.0's 'digital mobs' attacked - that sees users of Web 2.0 under attack from a so-called "leading author and digital pioneer" on this very matter.

The said pioneer - Jaron Lanier - is believed to have suggested that "in a rush to forge a new age of collectivism, we risk losing individual identities and dumbing down our understanding of the world."

His main gripe is that "in places like the blogosphere or the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, people no longer treat or respect each other as individuals."

I'm sure he has a point, but continually focusing in on the negative images associated with user-generated web-based media ignores the value such technologies offer the ordinary, average person.

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