Diversity mismanagement?

In the words of a newly released survey, "...38% of [worldwide] businesses do not have any women in senior management roles, a figure which has remained unchanged since 2004."

The proportion of businesses with women in senior management varies from as much as 97 per cent in the Philippines, to as low as 25 per cent in Japan.

The UK comes in at 62 per cent (similar to Eire on 60 per cent), but marginally lower than in the USA which reported a figure of 69 per cent.

A separate study released at the same time indicates the number of women in senior management positions in the 350 biggest companies listed on the stock market shows a dramatic fall in the last five years.

However, all is far from doom and gloom, as it has been suggested the increasing cost of childcare and a new-found entrepreneurial streak in women may be among the factors for a 40 per cent fall in women holding senior management positions.

Articles on the matter can be viewed here (The Guardian) and here (BBC News: Business).

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