I gonna get myself connected...

By being a relatively consistent feature of the blogosphere for nearly two years (and perhaps just by having an email account) seems to have made me the target for lots of unsolicited stuff.

Most this is off the mark (especially the Viagra ads.), but from time-to-time, something useful appears in my inbox.

The other day I got such an email that claims to be promoting, "the first regional and global e-research network, expert database and alumni network in academia".

By vising Academici I can have access to e-groups, blogs, forums, announcements of events, etc.

Some of this, as it seems, comes at a price.

I'm sure most professional groups have something like this going on, but this is the first I've seen that cuts across the many academic dimensions of a sprawling profession.

I might just have a look it, as it might offer some insights into the future of organized workers.

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