Working for Lidl

An article in The Guardian's G2 section yesterday took readers into the world of Lidl, one of the fastest expanding food retail outlets in the UK.

The article - Cheap - but not so cheerful? (Helen Pidd) - reveals a side of Lidl that many of its shoppers are unlikely to know about.

The spur for investigating employees experience of work at Lidl seems to be The Black Book on Lidl in Europe by Andreas Hamann und Gudrun Giese.

The book in itself is highly critical of what are seen as aggressively expanding discount businesses in Europe.

An employee's perspective is just one dimension of the book, as the following statement suggests:

"With its expansion Lidl is not only exporting the uniform design of the Lidl stores. Numerous reports of employees from packing staff to management make it clear that Lidl also wants to establish its company culture in the new markets. Mercyless work pressure, permanent shortage of staff, small wages, enormous general pressure and unfair checks, that’s what employees experience daily also abroad from Finland to Italy, from Portugal to Poland."

The findings from the article seem to confirm the findings of the book.

Compare and contrast what Lidl have to offer new employees with the article and the book here.


Anonymous said...

Had the misfortune to work for Lidl in their warehouse in Edmonton and can confirm all the bad rumours are true

NoName said...

I've worked at LIDL and it is an absolute disgrace company to work for. They do not care about their staff, push you to the limit and do not pay you for their overtime.

Anonymous said...

work at Lidl for 3 months and gave it up, believe me the job is not worth it especcially how they don not pay you for overtime. They say to you that your paid when your finish but is bullshit as the District Manager take it off. I could never be a District Manager as how can you take some one hours of hard work away fromt their pay.

Anonymous said...

After 3 months my husband was told he was too slow. He also was told that anyone who got 3 performance issues on the same thing would be sacked. The manager of the store told him that lidl wasn't looking to sack people but let's face it they are! Rumours were going round
that they had too many duty managers so looking to get rid by sacking them. What a company !!!

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Anonymous said...

I work at lidl im trying to get sacked from the warehouse today as its that bad