Is it really helpful to imply blogs are all about criticising employers?

Just when I think that work blogging is being treated that bit more seriously by the media, up pops the recurring feature story that labels work blogging as bad and will get you fired.

This time it's a 'human resources company' called Croner who have chosen work blogging as a cheap headline grabber.

Croner's study suggests as many as 39 per cent of grown-ups who blog post derogatory or damaging details about their workplace, boss or colleagues.

The study is mentioned in an article courtesy of BBC News - Third of bloggers 'risk the sack'.

The article is all negative and pretends to offer advice to bloggers or would be bloggers.

Could it be that 39 per cent of people don't like their jobs that much? Could it be that 39 per cent of employers are not very good at managing people? Could it be the case that one moment of frustration is not representative of what blogging is about?

The BBC should also know better as it was only last month that they ran an article entitled: Companies urged: 'let your staff blog'.

Expect the next cheap dig about work blogging to appear around July/August when all the politicians are on holiday.

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