It's great when you're straight...yeah!

Occasionally we all come across new sayings, yet seem, nevertheless, to know exactly what they mean, instantaneously.

Take the phrase 'pink plateau'.

Pink plateau was used in an article in The Guardian today that reported on John Browne, the chief executive of Britain's largest company, standing down after unsuccessfully trying to shield his private life from the outside world.

The pink plateau is believed to be a distinct organizational phenomenon, that is beyond general workplace homophobia.

Instead, the term refers to the exclusion (or in this case expulsion) of openly homosexual people from elite positions within large corporations.

A particularly noteworthy comment from the article by Patrick Collinson sums up the reality of homosexuality in higher organizational positions - 'Mission statements embracing equality appear to apply to employees, not directors.'

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Spike said...

It's much lower than director level for teachers.