The arrival of video CVs

It suppose it was only a matter of time - that is, the arrival of video CVs that can be accessible via the Internet.

If you visit WorkBlast, for example, you can see how this is possible - and may be the chance to upload your own video CV.

What WorkBlast claims to offer is as follows:

''re able to create and maintain up to three resumes and Video Resumes that you can distribute to any Employer with an email address, whether they post jobs on or not!

Even if you find the job on another job site, you can still apply via email by Blasting Your Resume to that Employer from your member profile section.

Imagine how much you'll stand out by comparison!

Think of us as your Personal Marketing Company!

Only on can you tailor your resumes and Video Resumes to fit your unique situation.'

It might help to be young and pretty/handsome!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think Video Resumes are a great opportunity particularly for those that lack tremendous experience or impressive resumes. While being attractive may help, I think there are many benefits that the average person can gain from a video resume.

1- Accessibility to Employers that may otherwise trash your resume.

2- A forum to show off presentation and communication skills.

3- Sales ability. If you can't sell yourself, you won't get the job anyway!

I think the trend may be catching on and staying for awhile. I can't see someone 10 years from know handing in a paper resume only.