Flexible working report

In a report launched by the Orange Future Enterprise coalition (OFEc) identifies the principle challenges for employers and employees in dealing with flexible working practices.

The report emphasises that effective management of flexible working will help organisations be more competitive, successful and retain the best talent.

In the overall debate around flexible working the potential benefits and pitfalls for employers seem to have been ignored.

The report titled “Beyond Boundaries” examines the wider debate of how flexibility will change organisations both from the employer and the employee perspective following 18 months of extensive qualitative and quantitative research.

As part of the report a survey of 1,440 workers was undertaken showing that:

- Over half of the working population already have some sort of flexible working arrangement, but 23 per cent of workers have no formal agreement with their employer about how they do this.

- 50 per cent of UK employees say that being able to work more flexibly will be an important factor in choosing their next job, however only 24 per cent plan to actively seek more flexible working arrangements in the next 12 months.

- Three quarters of UK employees say that an important benefit of flexible work styles is being able to concentrate better.

- Two thirds feel that saving travel and commuting time would also be an important benefit.

- 85 per cent of workers believe that being able to make the most of leisure time is an important benefit of flexible working, however, among those already working flexibly, over 45 per cent feel it entails working more during their free time, evenings and weekends.

- More than half of high earners (earning over £45,000) feel they have control over their working hours compared to only one in three for low earners (earning less that £25,000.

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