Web 2.0 and university teaching

A report has just been published on a study into the use of Web 2.0 technologies for content creation for learning and teaching in Higher Education.

The report is called "Web 2.0 for Content for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education" by Tom Franklin and Mark van Harmelen.

It is said to draw on existing studies, interviews with staff at universities who have implemented Web 2.0 technologies for learning and teaching, and a week-long web based seminar (webinar) with expert contributions, both from speakers and the audience.

In the author's view, Web 2.0 is "...a technology with profound potential for inducing change in the HE sector.

In this, the possible realms of learning to be opened up by the catalytic effects of Web 2.0 technologies are attractive, allowing greater student independence and autonomy, greater collaboration, and increased pedagogic efficiency."

To see how Web 2.0 is becoming part of the "HE ecosystem" click here.

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