10 years of blogging

You wouldn't know judging by the many blank faces that can be seen when the word blog is mentioned in some quarters, but, apparently, the blogging phenomenon is quickly approaching ten years since its conception.

To celebrate the first decade of blogs (and, probably, its awkward existence in relation to mainstream and far more established mediums of communication) The Wall Street Journal recently ran a feature called Happy Blogiversary (Tunku Varadarajan).

It's a rather long article and contains a brief history of blogging.

The length of the article is due to "a dozen brief meditations on what the blog has come to mean and on the role blogs play in the usual tussles of any civilized society."

For a more detailed explanation of the birth of blogs see a very insightful discussion paper by Clancy Ratliff called Sites of Resistance: Weblogs and Creative Commons Licenses.

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