On the buses (blogging)

From time to time I go looking for work-related blogs to add to my list (somewhere between 800 and 900).

My latest venture lead me to observe what seems to be a minor proliferation in bus driver blogs and what appears to be an on-line bus driver community.

Here is a quick list of some that I noted and are now added to my blogroll under "transport blogs" (may get own category soon!):

All aboard - Life in Milton Keynes and driving for Arriva

Birmingham bus driver - about myself starting a new job, Bus Driving and all the strange things that could happen

Driving a bus? - Diary of a man starting out on the road to becoming a bus driver

Ravings of a Brighton bus driver - A 26 years old who drives a bus in Brighton and Hove

Blood bus - Chronicling experiences driving a bus around one of the UK's roughest cities at night (Glasgow)

Another day on the buses - driving the South Coast routes covering Bournemouth, Ringwood, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, London and Brighton.

Jacko's blog - More bus driver thoughts from Brighton

There is also the Bus driving which had been going for several years and perhaps the inspiration for the above.

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