Identity of police blogger revealed - on TV

For some time The Policeman's Blog has caused quite a stir in the media, amongst bloggers, and of course in the police force itself.

There also seems little doubt that the blog, written under an anonymous name of David Copperfield, was the spur for a proliferation of UK police officers using blogs as medium for discontent and frustration with their employers.

Yesterday the BBC News website revealed the true identity of David Copperfield in Police blogger revealed (photograph as well).

However, the revealing of his identity (Stuart Davidson of Staffordshire Police) concerns the announcement that BBC One has made a Panarama special about the infamous blogger, and the fact that the police officer in question is set to take up a police officer role in Canada.

The programme is on today (Monday 17th September at 8.30 p.m.) and we'll get to see if the claims often made on his blog - that paperwork and chasing targets are more important than arresting criminals - can be less subjectively substantiated.

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