Getting your own back on a colleague at work

I came across quite an interesting, yet short account of what an employee can and should do if they feel that they need to right a wrong with a work colleague, a boss, etc.

Such ideas are deliberated by Jon Bentham of The Guardian (Office Hours) in How to...Get your own back.

Take the following quote as flavour of the article:

Getting even in an office environment requires immense cunning, tenacity, and very possibly a Crocodile Dundee-style hunting knife - depending how far you want to take it.

The scale of revenge you wreak will of course depend on the degree to which you have been wronged.

Responding to a colleague who has put one too many lumps of sugar in your tea by pinning them against a wall and pummelling their kidneys might earn you a reputation as a bit of a grumpy-pants.

So keep things in perspective...

Use the article to see alternative ways in which to tackle problems with colleagues, senior management and your employer.

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