Web 2.0 communication technology and peer-to-peer learning

An article on organizational learning by Sudipta Dev of Express Computer caught my eye the other day.

In particular was the following section:

Usefulness of messaging tools

Tools like chat/instant messaging/document sharing are considered effective in peer-to-peer interaction across geographies. Employee blogs and wikis are also getting popular in answering queries and help in indirect branding. Blogs and wikis disclose employees’ views on various subjects and help in researching on different topics.

There are however a few cautious views. “IM and chat can be extremely useful tools, but the potential for abuse is high. Collaboration portals, message boards and common document repositories are the staples of genuine peer learning,” stated Lloyd, adding that IM and chat can augment these tools selectively, but are not sufficient as primary mechanisms.

For more details see Peer-to-peer learning.


bsippel said...

Starting my MSc in Management specializing in Organizational Behaviour. Came across your site and wanted to say it looks great and is already starting to be very useful in helping me shape my research focus.


- Bryan

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