Britain said to have four million bloggers

Only the other day I was contemplating the plateau of blogging and the ever-rapid rise of social networking sites.

However, a survey reported on in an article from The Guardian just the other week suggests blogging is still going strong, as the following extract suggests:

It began a decade ago as the occupation of a handful of computer obsessives. But writing from bedrooms, lounges and internet cafes across the country, Britain's community of bloggers has grown to an army of nearly four million, according to a survey out today.

Further details of the survey by Garlik include:

Of Britain's web population of 26 million it found that 15 per cent kept a blog.

Of those running a personal website, almost one in five were blogging at least once a day.

One thing that struck me when reading the article is how blogging seems to be increasingly seen as synonymous with social networking, although I always saw blogging as something quite different, i.e. both are part of the social web, but blogging, to me anyway, appears to be about a more committed approach to posting personal ideas, thoughts and insights to the web and social networking is more like chatting on-line.

I think I need to find more out about social networking.

For more details see From surfers to tea fans, Britain's blogging army is now 4m strong by Bobbie Johnson.

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