Second Life set to take off

In recent times blogging has taken off and then social networking and now it seems that virtual worlds, such as Second Life, are the next big Cyberspace phenomenon.

In an article by the BBC is is suggested that the development of virtual world technology is set to lead to a kind of exodus from the real world.

What's more a professor from the US believes the exodus is akin to the opening up of the 'New World' around five hundred years ago.

It's an enchanting thought that we may spend most of our daily lives in one world and our spare time in the other - perhaps some may leave the real world bar basic human functions!

See 'Exodus' to virtual worlds predicted for more details.

My prediction is that Second Life will be the destination for many as we head into the typically mad and family-orientated Christmas period!


Anonymous said...

I thought you might find this of interest

Thanks for all the interesting links and reading over the year.

Amanda Reilly

James said...

Thanks for the comment and link, Amanda.

My prediction for 2008: Many headlines along the lines of employees using Second Life costs business squillions of dollars, pounds, etc.!

Muhammad Deen said...