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The BBC News website ran interesting story at the end of last week on the reality of trying to cover up Internet activities that may affect you in the job market.

The premise of the article is summed up here:

Thousands of final-year students who've put a lot of information on social networks are starting to worry about what potential employers may find if they take a look.

The case study involves a student who has published extensively to MySpace and now wants to wipe this part of his life clean by erasing his profile and account with the social networking site.

It seems that the ability to erase such profiles is not so easy and getting rid of the profile caused a great of anxiety to those mentioned in the article.

It's an interesting take on the emergence of social networking sites and how activities related to such activities may come back to bite you on the bum.

However, let's be serious - how many employers can afford to rule out employing those who had a bit of fun at college, etc.?

For more details (and a short video on the subject) see Social sites prove hard to leave behind by Rory Cellan-Jones.

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