Would being six feet under make you work harder?

The title suggests a rather odd way of looking at how employers can motivate their employees.

It was odd to say the least to read of a new way by which workers can be motivated to work harder, differently, etc. and involving a mock funeral!

This is exactly what was being described in The Times over the weekend.

In more (gory detail)...

For £165 per head, a Korean company will let you experience reading your own will, getting nailed into a coffin and feeling mourned over.

Workers nail the coffins shut and sprinkle earth on top as a funeral dirge is played.

About 15 minutes later, the caskets are opened and the nearly-departed are declared reborn.

It is believed that some corporations believe the service may improve their staff’s performance.

Samsung Electronics, South Korea’s largest company, has reportedly sent 900 workers from one of its factories to sample life beyond the grave.

If you feel the need to know more about this bizarre practice, see Breakthroughs, tips and trends: mock funerals, overrated Omega3 by John Naish, for more details

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