Revised research paper on organizational misbehaviour

I've recently revised a paper I wrote last year on organizational misbehaviour.

It is now set out to map misbehaviour and outline how it may be researched in the future.

A title and abstract:

The many approaches to organisational misbehaviour: A review, map and research agenda

The purpose of the paper is to review extant literature on misbehaviour, re-map its many forms, and provide an up-date research agenda.

What is unique about the paper is that it approaches the main subject from four different perspectives and attempts are made to reconcile incongruous paradigms.

The mapping exercise identifies three core features of misbehaviour: micro-resistance and sabotage; fiddles, pilferage and crime, and, gender and sexuality.

Further emergent features of misbehaviour are identified: humour, management misbehaviour, identity misbehaviour, Internet misbehaviour, and informal survival strategies.

Further recommendations are made in relation to conceptualising and researching misbehaviour.


Coy said...

As much as I believe that research papers will be more effective if there were less bias in them, I truly am impressed with your style of approach (using views from different perspectives).

Keep writing. Nothing beats the thoughts of a writer.

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Muhammad Deen said...

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