Web 2.0 and the threat to 'employer brand'

In the current People Magazine (20 March 2008) Lucy Phillips has a go at bloggers, pressure groups and trade unions.

It seems that employers are getting a bit fed up because they spend so much time and money building a corporate image, and then troublemakers go spoiling their private party. Doh!

Examples given include bloggers who spill the beans, Unite running a campaign against Marks and Spencer (based on poor treatment of workers), which in themselves are pretty poor examples in the first place.

Since when has it been wrong to criticise the civil service, and since when is it okay for employers to don ear muffs at the first accusation of a wrongdoing?

I'm quite glad to hear later on in the article that employers have no special forms of protection in this domain.

Perhaps employers should consult their employees about brand image and be less selective as to what constitutes their brand.

If so, they wouldn't have much to worry about.

See Control, alt or delete... for more details.


Leo said...

It is a relieve there are some places we can still be ourselves in this nanny state. Long live the internet.

Muhammad Deen said...

Typing work from the comfort of your home