The world's 50 most powerful blogs

Blogs seemed to have fallen off the list of popular news items in recent months, so it was a bit of a surprise to see The Observer run a top 50 of what it believes to be the world's 50 most powerful blogs.

Despite most media outlets raving about social networking sites from just about every conceivable angle, the article suggests - "blogging has never been bigger. It can help elect presidents and take down attorney generals while simultaneously celebrating the minutiae of our everyday obsessions."

To see what the fuss is about see The world's 50 most powerful blogs by Jessica Aldred, Amanda Astell, Rafael Behr, Lauren Cochrane, John Hind, Anna Pickard, Laura Potter, Alice Wignall and Eva Wiseman.


John said...

Yes, saw that and had a peek. Some of it was quite interesting, but it was a bit irking to see it described as the 50 most powerful blogs, when it really wasn't - would have been better described as "50 famous blogs that we found interesting", but that's not nearly such as good way to sell papers!

It is a hard job to judge the 'power' of a blog though. Blogs exercise two types of power I think. There are the massive ones like Daily Kos, which can direct a large and relatively general readership, but there's also the subtler power of very niche ones, which get the attention of a very specialised or professional audience, and their strength lies in speaking direct to the decision makers rather than mobilising lots of vocal but less powerful users.

Funny tho, as diggable lists are one of the sneaky ways to market your blog too ;)

James said...

Am I that transparent ;-> ?

I agree - it's more like here are 50 blog we know about...

Muhammad Deen said...

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