Social networking research

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) has just published (video summary) some interesting research on social networking.

The report is entitled Social Networking: A quantitative and qualitative research report into attitudes, behaviours and use.

It's a full of very interesting statistics and qualitative data, but at 72 pages it's a hefty document!

The objectives of this report are as follows:

- to set social networking sites in the wider media literacy, online and communications context;
- to profile the use of sites;
- to understand people’s use of sites; and
- to investigate concerns about privacy and safety

The executive summary suggests:

- Social networking sites are most popular with teenagers and young adults
- Some under-13s are by-passing the age restrictions on social networking sites
- The average adult social networker has profiles on 1.6 sites, and most users
check their profile at least every other day

If you are interested in researching social networking you may want also see a report on the methodological approach.


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