50% plus USA workers say American dream is 'unattainable'

I've not blogged for a while due to the usual high workload at the end of the academic year.

Fortunately, from time-to-time, good work-related stories get delivered to my email in-box and I don't have go looking for interesting and new stuff.

Today I got to hear via The Marlin Company of a new national survey based on USA workers.

The report is available here by clicking on the heading - New National Survey: US Workers Report They Are Bitter and Blame the Political System for the Death of The American Dream.

The main finding, as the headline suggests, concerns "nearly three-quarters of US workers (74.7 per cent) say the American dream is not as attainable today was it was eight years ago; 52.4 per cent say it is simply unattainable for the average American.

It seems that it's the government that is to blame with, for instance, "more than three-fourths (77.2 per cent) of US workers say they feel unrepresented by the political system on workplace issues."


Licensure Examination for Teachers Results 2008 said...

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Anonymous said...

This is disappointing. I have always considered the American worker to be the most optimistic laborer, and I don't know how to respond to the 52% of my colleagues who have given up on the American Dream.

I'm just glad that 48% of us are keeping the dream alive!

Michelle Montianto said...

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