Work blog research

I finally managed to get something formally published from my research on work blogs.

It is based on an on-line questionnaire that I distributed through the Internet around 2 or so years ago.

It's called - 'Because I need somewhere to vent': the expression of conflict through work blogs.

It's published courtesy of the New Technology, Work and Employment journal.

The abstract reads:

Employee resistance has traditionally been analysed as an activity that occurs in the work organisation.

In recent years, new Internet communication technologies, such as blogs, have expanded the possibilities for employees to express conflict.

This paper explores how these developments can add to our understandings of employee resistance to the labour process.

I'll be posting an earlier draft of my paper on my blog very soon.

If Web 2.0 and work is a subject that interests you then please complete the following on-line questionnaire and pass on the Web address to friends and colleagues, etc.


Mobisop said...

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Muhammad Deen said...

Typing work from the comfort of your home