Academic book on blogs

Just came across this book on blogs today whilst browsing a few academic book brochures.

It's called Blogging by Jill Walker Rettberg.


Blogging has profoundly influenced not only the nature of the internet today, but also the nature of modern communication, despite being a genre invented less than a decade ago.

This book-length study of a now everyday phenomenon provides a close look at blogging while placing it in a historical, theoretical and contemporary context.

Scholars, students and bloggers will find a lively survey of blogging that contextualises blogs in terms of critical theory and the history of digital media.

Authored by a scholar-blogger, the book is packed with examples that show how blogging and related genres are changing media and communication.

It gives definitions and explains how blogs work, shows how blogs relate to the historical development of publishing and communication and looks at the ways blogs structure social networks and at how social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook incorporate blogging in their design.

Specific kinds of blogs discussed include political blogs, citizen journalism, confessional blogs and commercial blogs.

View the new book at the publisher's homepage - here.

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Published a review of this excellent book James on my blog

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