An agenda for the workplace from the workplace?

What to workers want?

Not an easy question to answer by anyone's standards and level of expectation.

The TUC has attempted to do this, however, and presented it's findings in a downloadable report entitled, funnily enough: "What do workers want?"

Some highlights from a survey of almost 3,000 workers:

1) Most people are satisfied with their jobs, but around one in four (6 million) is neither satisfied with their job, nor would speak highly about their organisation as an employer.

2) Almost one in three workers (30 per cent) say their organisation does not fully engage them and less than half (46 per cent) the workforce agree that their employer deserves their loyalty.

3) The top attributes that people look for in a job are fair pay, working with great people and the chance to learn new skills.

The biggest gaps between aspiration and reality are for promotion opportunities, fair pay and the chance to learn new skills.

No great surprise there except to comment on how old problems remain a feature of modern work organizations despite the claims of corporate HR initiatives and practices.

To see the report and summary for yourself see - What do workers want?

Download a copy of the report directly here.

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