Keep faith in the workplace

According to an article in The Times on Saturday, "business bosses are creating faith-based networks, activities and office space to cater for the religious beliefs of employees".


- Absence on holy days
- UK labour markets are increasingly 'multifaith'
- The workplace has become an inadvertent forum for interfaith encounters

For more details read - Faith and business: a new deal for the modern workplace by Zaki Cooper.


Mark Goodyear said...

The comments on that article make me sad. Thanks for the link!

CV Harquail said...

Hi James and Mark-

The idea of being a "faith-friendly" organization looks enlightened on the surface, but in execution has usually been anything but friendly.

Mark, if you think the comments on the Times (UK) article were saddening, you should see the comments about a recent situation here in the US. When the labor union at a Tyson Foods plant was found to have negotiated the Eid al Fidr holiday as one of their days off, the town and region went ballistic. Comments on blogs were downright hateful.

Even the most dedicated Faith-friendly organization would have struggled to manage the situation-- but what Tyson Food did was profoundly wrong, unethical almost.
You might be interested in two posts I wrote about that situation, both of which critique Tyson Foods for their inauthenticity in claiming to be faith-friendly but acting in a way that punished any employees who weren't Christian, and in so doing showed themselves corporately to be cowards. Check out . Cheers-

Muhammad Deen said...

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