Trade union organizing and blogging

Today's post fits in neatly with one I did the other day on top union bloggers.

It concerns a blog by the TUC organising team.

Some more details:

Helping unions grow, helping unions win!

TUC’s Organising & Recruitment Team works to support union efforts to meet the organising challenge and organise the next generation of union members and activists.

This blog records the work of the Organising & Recruitment team and provides links to news and information related to union organising.

To find out more why not visit Stronger Unions.


John said...

And another new group blog from the TUC's public policy team if you didn't see it yet, at

Union blogs are some way behind those in the States, where blogging is much more entrenched in general, but I think there are signs that the UK blogosphere is growing enough now that it may be a very productive way for groups like this to start seriously engaging with important stakeholders in their areas of work. Fingers crossed!

Muhammad Deen said...

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