Fancy a job with the Obama administration?

An interesting article appeared in last week's Guardian (Friday 14th November) that concerns potential new recruits to Barack Obama's administration team (apparently involving the recruitment of around 7,000 employees!).

The angle, as you would expect on my blog, is, of course, blogging.

It seems that if you wish to apply to be part of Barack Obama's awaiting administration team that, as part of the recruitment process, applicants are to be asked to hand over all written material - from books and articles to lowly comments on blog posts.

Applicants must also provide all internet handles, and the URL of professional and personal networking sites.

For more information see From blog posts to mortgage rate, Obama jobseekers must reveal all by Suzanne Goldenberg.


TechNald said...

we really thanked god obama won!!! yes!

Stellar said...

It will be a great opportunity for me, if I get a chance to work with such a great personality.


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Muhammad Deen said...

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