A very novel form of industrial protest!

In The Guardian yesterday was a rather interesting article about French 'life models' going on strike.

The scene is set by Angelique Chrisafis:

In front of the tastefully decorated Christmas trees outside Paris city hall's culture department, the naked and goose-pimpled models demanded a pay increase, proper contracts and, most of all, respect for their craft as they held trade union banners in the pose of Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.

In case you thought such work was a bit of a doddle read more about life modeling from a life model:

I will often do nine-hour days - you have to be very athletic to do that.

Each session is three hours long, divided into 45 minute poses followed by 15 minutes' rest.

It's no easier holding a sitting pose than a standing pose.

The weight will always be concentrated on some part of your body.

I call it dancing without moving.

You need a lot of psychological concentration to cope.

You have to learn what your body can and can't do.

I try to swim for an hour in the mornings to keep my body in condition for the poses.

For more details see Paris life models make nude protest to demand respect ... and better pay.

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