Vets go Web 2.0

The Higher Education Academy recently reported on the starting of a wiki for veterinary students, nurses and graduates world-wide.

It's called WikiVet.

More details:

[It's] been created in a similar way to its big brother Wikipedia, but with three distinct differences.

Firstly all the content relates specifically to the veterinary curriculum.

Secondly all the content has been authored by vets and vet students and is peer reviewed by subject specialists at one of the participating veterinary schools.

Finally access to the site is restricted to the veterinary community in order to ensure that the general public is not able to view or edit the content.


NYK said...

Hi guys,

We are talking about veterinary students,nurses and graduates,they finished their half life of education
and become more helpful to their families,freinds and many people related to him.



Stellar said...

Work are of different kinds which can choose after your education is completed.

watzabatza said...

Good Day!

Know what, in Chinese tradition, they gonna sned their children at school to manage their business later not to work for somebody...

Muhammad Deen said...

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