A bit of labour bashing going on

With the economy going pear-shaped it's been quite refreshing (and quite right at the same time) to note that the majority of the blame has gone to the people who run big businesses, i.e. banking executives.

For once, compared to previous recessions, it's not been labour or trade unions being blamed for every economic problem under the sun.

Having said that, two prominent stories emerged over the past week that suggests the tables may be turning.

In other words, perhaps it's time to bash labour and the labour movement so that big employers can come out smelling of roses when the recession ends.

Perhaps it'll be such a long recession that big business will able to use that time to re-write history completely.

The incidences I refer to involve accusing the civil service of being grossly inefficient and a strange story that criticises the running of Britain's largest trade union.

Decide for yourself, but don't expect this to be the last you'll hear about the labour force being the reason why we're in such deep economic problems.


Sara said...

That was funny about that comment you made, "the recession is going pear shaped". yeah. well, I live in a state where the economy hit the hardest...Michigan. it is to the point where I was almost forced to work online, which has its challenges as well. I think by the year 2012, most people will be making their money online...but what about the baby boomer generation who are not that technology ready? They can't even send an email, so how can they make money online? Its sad when you think about. I'm moving to NY next month in hopes of finding another job to supplement the one I have.

Sara (check out my employment & Career Blog)


Muhammad Deen said...

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