New labour movement Web 2.0 website

I've just been informed of a new labour movement website that makes good use of Web 2.0 technology.

More specifically, it uses RSS feeds to bring together useful sites or resources that relate to the labour movement.

It's called Laborgeek.

Some final words from the organiser of Laborgeek:

As this site is intended to complement rather than compromise any of the great sites already discussing these issues, we don’t host debate or discussion at laborgeek itself.

If you want to comment, go do so at the site the link takes you to.

If you want to endorse or spread the word about a particular link, you’ll find a share this button on each post.

This button relates to the final destination page, not to the intermediary on laborgeek, so you’re safe to use it to give props to the content originators.


John said...

Cheers James! I wanted to use it to bring together a simple to use reading list on new tech for unions.

Hence including your blog in the feed as required reading for anyone looking at the changes new media brings to the world of work ;)

Muhammad Deen said...

Ten Minute Job