USA military goes Web 2.0

It says something when the USA military email you directly with a press release!

The press release concerns a new venture by the USA army in relation to army staff and how they use Web 2.0 communication technology.

From my viewpoint this looks like a way to contain the problems the military has with employees communicating from "behind the lines."

Here is the press release and supporting video (make of it what you wish to!):

The U.S. Army has launched milTube, a secure, behind-the-firewall website providing a safe military alternative to commercial video-sharing sites like YouTube.

MilTube allows the military workforce to watch and share videos across installations worldwide.

The site follows Web 2.0 tools milBook, milWiki and milBlog, which already have more than 88,500 users across the Department of Defense.

Attached is a press release and high-resolution images for your publication.

You can watch a short video about milTube here:


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