Is it okay to criticise your employer on Twitter?

According to a recent article courtesy of the New York Times it is.

However, the criticism is restricted and needs to be reasonable as the follow section of the article suggests:

...Labor law specialists say employees have the right to criticize or disparage their companies or supervisors as part of a conversation aimed at improving working conditions, but do not have the right to merely curse supervisors or make untrue, disloyal statements that damage a company’s reputation...

For more details see Labor Panel to Press Reuters Over Reaction to Twitter Post by Steven Greenhouse.

Thanks to Union Renewal blog for story.


Inspiration said...

That's informative and inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

gih said...

What if they don't know about what you expressed.?


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Bucket Truck said...

I do not think it is ok to criticise your employer on twitter. I would really like to check out the labor panel to press reuters over reaction to twitter post! We would never talk bad about our employer at

romanya vizesi said...

thanks for sharing

Office Humor said...

I think it's ok to critcise your employer on Twitter. Why not? Are we not entitled to freedom of speech?

salesroles said...

This is a difficult one...I suppose if your whistle-blowing there is definitely no harm in doing so
but if critcising think where it will put you

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