Police officer sacked because of Facebook use

Looks like a police officer was not following the advice of the article detailed below.

Some details:

A police constable has been sacked for posting offensive messages about a colleague on Facebook and harassing a female colleague.

The 35-year-old Met officer, who was based in Islington, referred to another officer as a "grass" and a "liar" on the social networking site last year.

See Metropolitan Police officer sacked over Facebook posts (BBC News) for more details.


sexual harassment training said...

Sometimes common sense just isn't common enough!

Work Experience said...

Increasingly the line between bona fide socialising at work and socialising outside of the office is completely blurred. The World will recognise this and eventually employers will accept it to, actions like this will be a thing of the past.

Dori79 said...

Nice to see things are changing. Sad to think about how long it took.

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