Teachers warned about use of Twitter and Facebook

Scottish teachers are being warned that their use of social networking sites could put their careers at risk.

The Scottish Secondary Teachers Association believes teachers can reveal too much personal information on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The union also fears they could become overly familiar with pupils.

For more details see: Teachers warned over Facebook and Twitter use (BBC News).


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James said...

Just brings to mind the teacher that ran away with a 15 year old pupil. Of course there are various methods of communication that could have been employed but I am betting that there was definite commnication on Facebook. It can start innocently and if one is not vigilant, can spiral into something more sinister. I am not saying Facebook shouldn't be used, but caution should be employed. You never know who is watching!

Agrodut Mandal said...

I am fully agree with your post. Using social communities in class can make a teachers career risky. Without late, it should be stopped.
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