Employees take over official corporate Twitter feed

HMV Twitter feed

According to an article in the Guardian yesterday, disgruntled HMV employees briefly took over the company's official Twitter account on Thursday to express their extreme dissatisfaction at being sacked by the ailing retailer.
More details:
On Thursday afternoon one or more angry employees took to the microblogging site to vent their anger and "tweet live from HR". They managed to post seven subversive messages [see image above] before the company regained control of the account and deleted the posts.


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This just shows the power of social media in the workplace and how many people listen to that voice. A real shame that HMV fell. A great loss from our high street and a real global brand. If they had focussed on an online delivery service or had adapted to downloads, no doubt they would still be here. I for one would rather have had my music from HMV rather than a leviathan digital company (mentioning no names).

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