Work-related titbits

I've not been blogging that much recently due to taking time off and balancing work with childcare, so I'm taking the chance to get rid of a backlog of stuff I'd been meaning to post. In no particular order...

Are you stuck in middle management hell? (Kate Bonamici, Doris Burke and Christopher Tkaczyk, Fortune via CNN). A generation of workers can't get ahead - because aging boomers above them won't budge. Here's how to break through the gray ceiling.

Ready, willing and able (TUC) - A report about "employment opportunities for older people".

I've been informed of a new search engine called Chimby. Chimby is a "vertical search engine that lets you search over 250 career advice sites at once." Worth a look!

The TUC is trying to find out about people who blog about their work - help out by answering one simple question at the following link.

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