Fed up at work? Try darts...

If you ever feel that your talents are wasted at work, or, if your feel that you've yet to discover your true purpose in life, then consider this bloke who's given up a £50k job to have a go at making a living from darts. I repeat darts! I think we can all learn from people who take risks even though this is probably a risk too far for most of us. Regular and mundane jobs are like dangerous, tall mountains - they'll be there tomorrow even if we aren't!


On a more political note. Yup, we do have a general election around the corner despite a relatively low profile and uncritical start to the campaign. I know Tony Blair has the same mantra as Margaret Thatcher in that he proclaims he doesn't have a "reverse gear", but I don't believe there's anything backward about the re-nationalisation of the railways. There's a rally in Glasgow today that hopefully will go some way to get this issue the attention it deserves. On a general note, I won't be voting for any party that talks of "taking Britain forward" when the main policies of the last six administrations have unquestionably subscribed to an economic theory that nearly took the world into oblivion 70 or so years ago.


Finally, I thinks it's time to consider if burdening young adults (and mature students) with tens of thousands of pounds of debt is the key to our nation's future. Just when your education gets to a point where it may pay off the government decide you must pay an arm and a leg for it. It's like letting you have the first few drinks in a pub free and then just when you are getting a taste or feel for it you get billed £100 for a pint or glass of wine, etc. Getting turkeys to vote for Christmas, sorry getting students to pay for an education that employers freely exploit (and sometimes dictate without contribution or accountability), has got to be one of the smartest con tricks of the last generation. They'll be getting us to pay extortinate amounts of money for bottled water next! To me, it's all part of shifting the burden of responsibility from governments and corporations on to the citizen (sorry, subjects in the UK) and workers (or, 'Willing Slaves' see Madelaine Bunting's book). No wonder people feel insecure at a time when we've never been so affluent. Having debts galore and an old age to provide for is scarey business even if today brings nice clothes, a nice car and foreign holidays.


Have nice weekend and come on the Whites at Charlton!

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