Thank blog it's Friday!

Friday in my experience is normally a quiet day for news. Today is no exception.

However, an interesting story on homeworkers emerged on the BBC News website. It seems that a way of working throught to be the future work is not what its cracked up to be. Apparently, homeworkers "missing the buzz of the office" are being accused of being rather lax with their online habits. I would argue, however, that office-bound workers are just as likely to be 'negligent' in these situations. The reality is likely to be that employers of homeworkers have not run a full risk assessment of all the considerations that need to factored in when employees quite rightly use home computers for both work and pleasure.


There's still trouble on the Glasgow Underground. Glasgow is likely to witness the fourth set of strikes related to a dispute over pay and holidays. I would be very interested to see a blog emerge about life working on the 'Clockwork Orange'! I'm sure we would get an enriched insight into this kind of work to compliment the formal management and union line.


This article may be interest to anyone interested in the use of the Internet as a means to communicate trade union responses to difficult employers. In this case Ryanair (by all means go with airlines that are cheap, but spare a thought once in a while for those who work for this type of company - i.e they're cheap for a reason!) are having difficulties employing staff in Norway on less than ideal contracts of employment and employing them through third-parties. Take a look at the general Ryan be fair website and learn...!


I doubt whether anyone has even visited my site yet, never mind tried posting a message on it. I'm new to this game and can't figure out why I had this facility the other day and now it's gone. Anyone who knows what this is and can help me then please email me from my profile.

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