300 work-related blogs

Realising that I had around 270 or so blogs I thought I'd set aside a few moments today to try and get that up to 300 - a nice round number. Surprisingly it didn't take me long as I raided a few teaching and nursing blogs. Of particular note is Mediblogopathy who provides a very broad range of nursing blogs from around the world.

Some work-related news first...

BT boss could get 300% bonus as staff accept 0.3% real rise - one rule for one and one rule for another

Worth of degree fallen to £150,000, research shows - Apparently, the financial value of a university degree has fallen sharply in the past decade as more graduates enter the job market, research shows

NHS 24 savaged by official review - The NHS 24 service is suffering from management failures at every level, according to an official report, i.e. if you wondering why you can't do you job as well as you'd like then it's probably someone else's fault

I'll start with the non-teaching and non-nursing blogs first.

Call centre redemption - IT technician
Just quit work - someone refers to themself as a 'corporate whore'
Diary of a criminal solicitor - ever wondered what goes on in police stations, magistrates courts, crown courts and the office of a solicitor?


A school yard blog
Final exam
Fred's world
Se Hace Camino Al Andar
Social studies
The Daily Grind
Learning curves


About a nurse
Diary of a nurse
ER nurse
Nursing blues
Reflections of a working nurse
Sedation is good
Seyms' nurse in training blog
Sister in white
Tales of an aspiring nightingale

Currently, I've got back about 120 questionnaires. So a big thank you to those who have filled one in recently.

PS - just deleted a few for various reasons so now about 298!

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