Job burn out - the worse case scenario

A senior doctor killed himself by cutting his throat with a penknife after becoming "burnt-out" by his job, an inquest was told yesterday

More than two million people - 5% of the working population – took time off for illness last year, according to a report on the extent of work-related ill health published today by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

If you are going to Finland in the next few weeks read this!
Finns are hoarding toilet rolls as a strike in the paper industry - already in its third week - threatens to go on until the end of June

One particular blog to add - - a college graduate trapped in retail hell. This blog also comes with a forum for similarly disgruntled workers. Other blogs found in past few days...

Black collar worker - office worker
Pushing chemicals, dropping acid - lab technician
Thats labor baby - labour and delivery nurse
Daisy land - Retail worker
The outer market - airline pilot
Truth in cosmetic surgery - plastic surgeon
Diary of a Chicago actor - an insider's view
The village voice - the work of a 'clothed cocktail waitress at a strip club'!
Diary of a tattooer - a professional tatto artist nonetheless

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