A good reason not to shop at Morrisons?

A rather controversial blog emerged at the end of year called LESS reasons to shop at Morrisons. Perhaps whoever runs this blog would have something to say about an article that suggests Morrison's crisis grows with union strike threat - Unions have accused troubled supermarket WM Morrison of 'bullying tactics', and will meet this week to discuss co-ordinated action that would shut down supply warehouses and leave supermarket shelves empty.

Trouble could be brewing in a part of the tourism industry - Landmarks facing solstice strike - landmarks such as Hadrian's Wall are among tourist attractions that could be be hit by strikes over job losses and pay during next week's summer solstice.

A couple blogging stories emerged during the weekend:
Iranian blogs take on the election - The Persian blogland is less than four years old, and so Friday's presidential election is the first of its kind in the post-weblog world.
Blogs lauded in 'freedom awards' - The best weblogs on the net which have defended freedom of expression have been recognised in the Freedom Blogs awards, voted for by the public.
What we've lost - Riverbend, 'Girl Blog from Iraq' as she dubs herself, was a computer programmer before the war - not any more. In her diary of the occupation, she describes the new, confined way of life, especially for women, amid the mayhem. Excepts are taken directly from Baghdad burning.

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